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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Today The Tema Stake Held Its 8th Annual Cultural Celebration

Today was the 8th Annual Cultural Celebration of the Saints in Tema, the area in which is found the MTC.  In attendance were members from all nine wards as well as Elder and Sister Vinson from the Africa West Area Presidency.  

Each Ward was given the charge to prepare a ten-minute skit or presentation and a panel of three judges would decide which was the best.  It seemed like each skit centered around having a king and a queen, a spokesman for the king, and some African dancing before the king.  Also each presentation focused upon a particular area of Ghana and a specific tribe.  Very little English was spoken

Such a ward party you have not seen before.  Such wholesome entertainment, where the members put their heart and soul into their offering.  Who would have thought a ward would even use a live goat, or another a gun, or one of the kings would have a staff with the Angel Moroni on the top.

Such is the culture that awaits your missionaries as the venture into the field.  What a fascinating country!

A goat was even used as a prop

Every group was accompanied by African drums
After goats they used guns?
The Lord's way?

Imagine the drama and intrigue in each skit

Each ward prepared its own act and dressed in the attire known to a specific region of Ghana

The dancing and the costumes were beautiful

Happy Dancers

All of this for the king

King Cyril Mensah (The MTC Supervisor of Support Services)

Each king had a spokesman...this time it was Prince (one of the MTC teachers)

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