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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Profile of a P-Day

Our first preparation day in Ghana.  We have been here a month and decided to venture out to Senchi for lunch and to tour a bead making factory - Cedi Beads.

It was a wonderful day.  We traveled with the Area Doctor and his wife, the Elmers from Spokane, Washington.  Our our route we first saw baboons in a local wild-life preserve.

We also saw termite towers.  Elder Bednar said he observed these near the MTC in Tema.  They are like ant hills that are built by termites and are extremely durable.  But by the time we got to Tema years after his first visit, they had been removed.  However, these are what the kilns in the bead factory are made of.

We were fascinated by the Cedi Factory tour and the labor intensive efforts that go into the creation of each bead.

Diane did not go home empty-handed.

African culture observations for the day:  Africans do not use their left hand to wave.  They love eating grilled grass cutters (rats).  Mangos are plentiful two times a year.  Now, thankfully is one of those seasons.  They have creative signs for their washrooms (restrooms).

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  1. What a simple and creative way to show which restroom to go into. I wish my art could be so simple and say what I'm trying to express!