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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Today is Halloween - it is NOT celebrated in Ghana

But that doesn't mean it is not remembered in the Ghana MTC.  Here are some snapshots of Elder and Sister Sanders having fun with the missionaries as they give them their shots.  (Remember - these photos are pretend!)

Thank you to a Great Temple Presidency

Today is their last day of service.  President Afful and his wife, along with his counselors President Mensah and President Andam and their wives, have been wonderful to work with.  What great futures lie ahead for these terrific couples.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mission President Seminars Are Every 6 Months

And one of the mission president seminars each year is with an apostle.  While serving in the West Indies and now in Africa, each time it was our privilege to be with Elder and Sister Bednar.
Elder and Sister Bednar with the Area Presidency, Elder Halstrom, and all of the Africa West Area Mission presidents and their wives (except Sister Guei, who just had a baby last week.)

Elder Bednar Addresses Missionaries and Ghanaian Saints

In the member missionary fireside this evening, Elder David A. Bednar fielded questions.  The last one was by Chase Farnsworth, age 9.  His mother served a mission in Puerto Rico with our son.  Chase asked "What can a young primary child do to prepare for a mission."  Elder Bednar asked him what made him ask that question and his response: "the Spirit."  He was invited to the front for answers from Elder Bednar and the mission presidents on the stand.  Standing next to Chase, is his younger brother.

They Are On Their Way

People all over the world are watching our missionaries.  This photo was sent by a man who saw them gathering for the last leg of their flight in New York.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Glasses for 1300 Ghanians

American missionaries brought a suitcase of glasses as their second checked bag and soon the MTC had an inventory of 6000 used glasses for the Vision For All humanitarian project organized by a team of humanitarian eye doctors and their wives from Utah.

Senior couples made up special boxes to hold the glasses
Missionaries from the Ghana Accra Mission helped host the patients

Here are Dr. and Sister Ronald and Lynda Pugh, the main organizers of the trip.  This is their 16th time they have done this in countries around the world.
More missionaries helped in the project
And more missionaries
Dr. Pugh's accuracy in assessing the power of glasses needed is amazing

Each client was carefully fitted for the proper glasses
This smile makes it all worth it!

Senior Couples worked side by side with the young missionaries

6000 pairs of glasses require alot of room

Clients patiently await their turn with the doctor

And the crowds kept coming

Just a representation of the many young elders who volunteered

Here are the principle organizers and humanitarians from Utah

Sunday, October 25, 2015

This MTC was Built in a Plantain Grove

This photo was take of Bishop and Sister Glen Pace in 2000, when this plantain grove next to the Tema Ward building was selected as the site for the Ghana MTC.  Now 15 years later, a new MTC is under construction just behind the Ghana Temple in Accra.

The new Ghana MTC structure is now up and this is how it will look in June 2017.  It will house up to 500 missionaries, 5 times the amount at the current Ghana MTC.

Friday, October 23, 2015

What if you walk around the block at the MTC?

On March 15, 2001, a ground-breaking ceremony was held in Tema, Ghana for the long awaited construction of the Ghana MTC.  It was dedicated on May 17, 2002 by the Area President, Elder Bruce Stucki.  Because the process for getting approval to build the MTC next to the temple was long and difficult, it was decided that the MTC would be constructed in a plaintain grove on Church-owned property adjacent to the Ward chapel in Tema.  This was 35 kilometers from the temple, but the city is the closest to the center of the earth (where longitude crosses the equator.

Here is the block upon which the Ghana MTC is located:

Every wonder what is beyond those walls with the electric fence surrounding the MTC?

You might say that the MTC is located on a block in Tema dedicated to religious learning by a wide variety of religions.

First, directly behind the MTC is a missionary training program for a Christian Religion:

New Central Missionary Church is written on the sign
New Central Missionary Church Training School

Next you see the Anglican School Academy:

As you turn the corner, there is a Rabbi training hostel on the left:

Next we come to the Baptist School

Finally you can spot the Ghana MTC for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

When one visits Palmyra, New York there is are 4 Church buildings  represented by the various religions on each of corners in the intersection.  This is not too unlike the Ghana MTC, which finds inself on a city block surrounded by religious training programs.