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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Glasses for 1300 Ghanians

American missionaries brought a suitcase of glasses as their second checked bag and soon the MTC had an inventory of 6000 used glasses for the Vision For All humanitarian project organized by a team of humanitarian eye doctors and their wives from Utah.

Senior couples made up special boxes to hold the glasses
Missionaries from the Ghana Accra Mission helped host the patients

Here are Dr. and Sister Ronald and Lynda Pugh, the main organizers of the trip.  This is their 16th time they have done this in countries around the world.
More missionaries helped in the project
And more missionaries
Dr. Pugh's accuracy in assessing the power of glasses needed is amazing

Each client was carefully fitted for the proper glasses
This smile makes it all worth it!

Senior Couples worked side by side with the young missionaries

6000 pairs of glasses require alot of room

Clients patiently await their turn with the doctor

And the crowds kept coming

Just a representation of the many young elders who volunteered

Here are the principle organizers and humanitarians from Utah

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