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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Utah Boy Scout Sends 170 Shirts for His Eagle Scout Project

Meet Reid Dallin Robison.  He is our oldest grandson and today we received the 170 white shirts he collected for African missionaries who come to the Ghana MTC for training, who might be lacking.

These shirts by the way, will be pressed, folded and stored in the MTC to assist the future needs of missionaries coming here.  How does one get that many shirts transported to Africa?  Networking! We contacted Stacey Hoffman, the principal over a Ghana Orphanage "Ghana Make A Difference" and she was most helpful in bringing the shirts with a group of students flying to Accra to perform service at the orphanage.

Here is a photo of Stacey and also of her team:

Stacey Hoffman is pictured here with Selasi and Doris.  Doris will be folding and organizing these shirts.

Left to right:  Elizabeth Asare, Chelsea Anderson, Holly Tanner, and Hailey Frogley (except for Elizabeth, the others are from the Boise, Idaho area and are in Ghana for several weeks to work at the Ghana Make A Difference Orphanage.
Into the hamper

Major folding project

Great help from Salsi, Doris and Ramsford

Shirts are sorted and stored by size

These are just four of the many happily sporting the new shirts

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