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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What is a good preparation day activity in Ghana?

We have talked about TK Beads, about making batik, visits to the Pit, the Art Alliance and even boat trips on the Volta River, but a new must see is the Centre for National Culture - Ghana's largest crafts market.  Even the young missionaries would get a kick out of this place.

You find this gem along the seafront near Black Star Square. Hawkers approach from all sides as soon as you arrive, but if you’re not exhausted by the attention, you can find carvings, baskets, drums, bags, beads, fabrics, sandals, sculptures, stools, rugs and occasionally antiques. It’s a place to unearth some incredible finds and gifts. The best bet is to head past the pressure which you’ll inevitably encounter at the entrance and make your way towards the back of the complex, where it’s a bit more relaxed. Haggling is expected.

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