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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jewelry Making is also a Cottage Industry in Ghana

Tucked at the back of a white building on Oxford Street, Hakim's Jewelart Boutique could easily go unnoticed. And for anyone wishing to pick up a unique piece of handcrafted silver or gold jewellery, that would be a shame. In the back room we found  Georgette, a Lebanese lady who started the business with her late husband, and still mans several tables laden with crafted silver and gold pieces, many sporting African motifs. This little backroom is a far cry from a glossy, well-lit jewellery store, but there are some really beautiful pieces, and everything is priced by weight and crafted by three silversmiths in the workshop just as you come in. We were offered a Sprite as Georgette showed off her photo of when President Clinton visited the shop. (When I was in Xian and saw the Terra Cotta Warriors years ago, Clinton had been there too.  Hakim's Jewelart also has a jewellery cleaning service, and also create your choice of design if you give them a photo.  The prices are less than you would pay in the US.  

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