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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Birthday in the Mission Field

Today I turned 63.  I still feel like I did as a young missionary, but my body is getting older.  This birthday card was hand-made by Diane from a photo we took in Grenada.  She added a lion and a giraffe and it now looks African!  Great birthday and a very tender way to spend it thousands of miles from home with my eternal companion.

It was fun to share the birthday with an Elder celebrating his birthday from Gilbert, Arizona who was taught back home by one of our West Indies Missionaries.

Pictured above is Elder Thomason from the West Indies mission with one of our MTC elders currently in the MTC.  (We do not give names of current missionaries for privacy purposes because this is a public site).  The lowest photo is once used in the "infield orientation" in every MTC throughout the world, of a baptism performed by Elder Thomason in the West Indies Mission when Sister Robison and I presided there.

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