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Friday, March 7, 2014

Traveling Tips for Trip to Ghana

What do we wish missionaries would pay attention to in traveling to Ghana?

1) Get an international phone card and know how to use it.  One elder this week said they did not know where to find one.  Another said he got his at a gas station.

2) Do not feel obligated to tip.  If you tip at the airport you will be swamped with requests.  (And if you have to tip have one dollar bills available not five dollar bills.)

3) Have an extra change or two of clothes in your carry-on luggage.  When you bag does not make it, it takes a few days for it to arrive.

4) If traveling with another missionary and your flights are delayed, insist they book you on a flight together.

5) Do not take a taxi to the area office if you don't see the driver upon arrival to the airport.  Borrow a phone and call the MTC President. (0) 244 329 135

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