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Friday, September 5, 2014

Michael Sapaku, MTC Teacher Extraordinaire

Just like the story, of Patrick Appianti-Sarpong, Michael Sapaku, one of our illustrious MTC teachers, joined the Church after high school.  In his case it was a few years later.  He lived with cousins who were members and every Sunday the family would go their own way.  Michael noticed in them a certain peace - a joy in life that he was not experiencing.  He concluded that it must be their Church, so he asked if he could go with them.  This was in February of 2006.  In March of that year, he was baptized.

Three months after he was baptized, he was called to be the ward clerk and invited to attend a missionary preparation class taught by Brother Solomon Aliche.  The bishop had put him on a list of prospective missionaries and he had decided that he was not going just because someone else wanted him to.  However in this class of Brother Aliche, every single member of the class ended up serving a mission.  In Michael's case it was to South Africa from 2010 to 2012.   As with the experience of so many, Michael traces every good thing that has happened to him back to his mission.

After his mission, he met a young lady named Grace Tetteh at a Stake Single Adult Fireside.  She was on a date with the young man who had baptized him, but he had a feeling that he would marry her.  And he did.  They were married on December 26, 2013. (She is from Accra and joined the Church the same year he did.  He is from Tamale, a village up North).

Interesting that Brother Eguko was fascinated by this young man and his passion for missionary work.  He asked Brother Aliche to give him a reference about Michael Sapaku, and of course the recommendation was glowing.  (Brother Sapaku has now taught at the MTC for the past 16 months).

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