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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Elder Benjamin Taylor Knows Why He is a Missionary

Elder Benjamin Taylor, Nigeria Port Harcourt Mission 2015-2017
Elder Benjamin Taylor is from the Manponse Ward of the Kaneshie Stake in the Accra area of Ghana.  This 18 year old elder lost his father 7 years ago and since that time has had much loneliness as well as spent much time working to pay for a mission and help provide for the family (his mother, himself and two sisters).  He says that his happiest moments have been when he is spending time with his Church leaders.  They have shown him much love and support.

His father, Mathew was a very successful business person but was persecuted at work because of his promotions.  His fellow workers were very cruel and would hassle him accusing him of thinking he was better than the others.  As a result, he took his own life.

He is looking forward to being a support as a missionary to other young men to bring them the happiness he has felt through the Savior's love and through the restored gospel.

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