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Sunday, April 26, 2015

On the Second Sunday in the MTC, We Teach About The Law of Tithing

President and Sister Ojo

What happens when you don't pay tithing: President and Sister Ojo, preside over the Nigeria Benin City Mission.  When President Ojo joined the church, his branch president  in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State had an experience he share about one of his members learning the importance of paying tithing. His name is Michael Okafor and he is currently serving in the district presidency. In 1994, Michael was on his way to drop off his tithing at the branch president’s workplace so he would not be tempted to spend the money before Sunday.
Enroute he saw a TV for sale and bought the TV rather than pay tithing.  When he got home the TV would not work.  It was not guaranteed, so Michael took it to be repaired.  When they opened it up, there was nothing inside.  Brother Okafor realized from this lesson that if he wanted blessings, he must pay tithing.
President and Sister Kosin

Blessings that come when you pay tithing:  President and Sister Kosin preside over the Nigeria Calabar Mission and will complete their service, July 1, 2015.  President Kosin was taught the gospel in 1987 and at the time, he and sister Kosin were so poor that they could not afford to send their children to the current term of school.  However, they embraced the gospel and committed to pay a full tithe.  The Church was 8 kilometers from their home and Brother Kosin had to carry their youngest daughter on his shoulders.  After that first Sacrament meeting as members, they paid their tithing and felt prompted that they would never suffer financially again.  On the way home from Church that day, a person came up behind them and called out to Sister Kosin saying that “we want you to come work for us.”  From that moment she had a full-time job and they never suffered financially again.  President Kosin also remembers a moment where he was owed some money, and felt a prompting to call the debtor.  He hesitated at that moment but a little later that day, the prompting came again, equally as strong.  He made the call and was repaid what he was owed. 
The Kosins have strong faith in the principle of tithing and how the windows of heaven are opened as a result of paying tithing.

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