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Monday, September 7, 2015

Why serve a mission?

 Look at Idaho Returned Missionary Tanner Magnum's story:

This does not answer the question, but it is a fun post about a missionary who returned home last June and as of last Saturday night became a hero in the eyes of thousands.

In case you haven’t heard about the BYU game against the University of Nebraska (who had not lost a season opener for 29 years), see this:

But here’s something that I got a kick out of.  It’s a tweet that Tanner Mangum sent out at 10:59 AM on 5 July 2013 — somewhat more than two years ago, before he left for his mission in Chile:

“I love it when I hear people say I’m throwing away my career by serving a mission.  It’ll make it that much sweeter when I prove them wrong.”

He may already have accomplished that.

He also tweeted this last month:

Aug 2
Sundays have always been different days in my family and I am so thankful for it! The Sabbath is a delight.

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