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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Special Christmas Eve Experience

Far too often the records in some parts of Africa are not totally accurate.  It was feared this was the case with Elder Louis Muzala Kapele, who is from the DR Congo and will be serving in the Kinshasa Mission.  Upon arrival, Elder Kapele needed the second half of his temple recommend.  To complete that I needed his confirmation date.  Unfortunately it was not on the missionary application that I have on file.

Elder Malmrose placed calls to his leaders in an effort to rectify the situation and after multiple calls discovered the date was October 24, 2001.  Meanwhile, Elder Kapele was very anxious about the situation and found he could not sleep.  After much pondering and prayer, and tossing and turning, the thought came to him to check in his suitcase for his patriarchal blessing.  Sure enough, the date was noted as October 24, 2001, thus confirming what the real date was.

This special Christmas Eve experience was very tender to Elder Kapele and Elder Malmrose, and added witness to the power of prayer.  He listens.  He answers our prayers.  Even the anxious prayer of a brand new elder from the Congo, who could not sleep on Christmas Eve.

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