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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Brothers Reunited - The Egukos

When we first arrived in Ghana, Mathias Eguko was the MTC manager.  He and I became fast friends.  Last July with his wife, he was called to preside over the Nigeria Calabar Mission.  Shortly there after, we had their oldest daughter Tessie in the MTC learning French for six weeks.  Then 2 weeks ago, we had their oldest son, Elder Kelvin Eguko come to the MTC to learn French.  He is going to serve in Cote d'Ivoire where his sister is serving.  Tonight, Elder Melvin Eguko arrived in the MTC.  He will be serving in Liberia.  He looks just like his mom whereas his brother looks like his dad.

Here is their reunion:

Elder Kelvin's first question to his brother was "how's Mommy?"  I immediately asked why he didn't say Mommy and Dad, to which he wisely responded "if Mommy is fine, Daddy is fine."  Smart men!  They will make great husbands and fathers.

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