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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Many, Many Couples Help At Ghana MTC

It takes many helping hands to move the work forward in the Church.  The Ghana MTC is no exception.  Here are the faces of those who often visit the MTC to help with intake, family history, medical, and temple in addition to giving instruction:

What would we do without Elder and Sister Malmrose.  They are the heart of the MTC.  The missionaries might call us mom and dad, but the Malmroses are their Grandparents!

Elder and Sister Malmrose assist us in the MTC.  They live in the MTC in an apartment as we do.  We are often visited by the Area President and his wife, Elder and Sister Curtis.  (Sister Curtis helps with family history as well.)

Elder and Sister Hill are the Area Medical Advisor team and give instruction every week to the missionaries to protect their health.

Another great shot of the Hills.

Elder and Sister Sanders visit the MTC every other Friday and give the missionaries their immunizations.  They assist the Hills with the medical needs of the missionares.  (Sister Malmrose responds to their day to day needs).

Elder and Sister Stutz are the family history couple and come to the MTC every other Friday with a team of volunteers.

The Pecks are the Publica Affairs Couple and often help the missionaries .

Elder and Sister Webster are the Executive Secretary team to the Area Presidency.  They often help out at the MTC.
Elder and Sister Wade help the family history effort every other Friday.  They are in Africa to help with Self Reliance.

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