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Friday, January 1, 2016

Farewell to the MTC President Couple

It was so nice of the Senior Couples in the Africa West Area to gather together for a nice farewell for us this day.

Look at the second post to this blog and you will see us with the Grahams whom we replaced.  Now they are back as Ghana Accra Temple President and Matron.  Such wonderful people.  We love them.

Great minds think and "sew" alike.

When we arrived in January 2014, we were welcomed by the Grahams at the airport and Mathias Eguko.  He is now a mission president in Calabar, Nigeria and here is his son, a missionary in the MTC.

Left to Right:  Malmroses (returning January 30), Elder and Sister Curtis (Area President), and Robisons

Elder and Sister Curtis, President and Sister Robison

Bookends? (Sister Malmrose, Sister Robison, Sister Hill

Head Table

President Robison

Dr and Sister Hill are singers.  Here their photo and a song they wrote and then shared:

Elder and Sister Hill

tune Boil That Cabbage Down

You've served right here in Tema and we say hooray for you
You did your best; you passed the test and even ate foo foo
Say goodbye to Ghana   to singing oh so strong
And to all the cops who know that taking bribe is wrong

Serving here in Ghana    is really quite a thrill
Since you will not drive at night you're safe and living still
Say goodbye to Ghana   the memories are dear
You will be remembered as good friends that we met here

You're going home to Utah   and you might find snow there
But Harmattan is far away and you can breathe the air
Say goodbye to Ghana    to taxis and tro tros
To smells that waft up from the ditch and make you plug your nose

When basking in your swimming pool your skin so pale and white
Remember all the folks from here you cannot see at night
Say goodbye to Ghana    to cloth so bold and bright
To babies on their mother's backs    snuggled nice and tight

Your photos here in Ghana of your missionaries dear
Will help you to remember all the lives that you touched here
Say goodbye to Ghana    to people that you love
We know that they will hug you when you meet them up above

You will miss the mangos and the pineapple so sweet
Chocolate and shoe polish you buy right on the street
Say goodbye to Ghana    to seniors two by two
We will not forget you cuz    we are leav-ing too!

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