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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Elder and Sister Mbele Were Sealed Today

What a long journey it has been for Luyindulu Daniel Mbele and Puati Mbadu Helene Mbele, who after 12 children and years of waiting were sealed in the Ghana Temple today.  They were also sealed to a four-month old daughter and a 21 year old son who had passed on.  In addition, Elder Mbele's grandparents were sealed with he and Sister MBele acting as proxy and Elder Mbele was sealed to his parents.

The sealer was former District President Assard from Cote D'Ivoire who was set apart by Willis Waite, a dear friend who is now 89 years young, and was the mission president in France after my mission president.  The Mbeles were urged to serve a mission and assisted by a close friend in Provo, Don Livingstone, who was the mission president in the DRC Kinshasha Mission, 5 years ago.

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