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Thursday, May 1, 2014

How long have missionaries been serving in Liberia?

.... Missionaries have been in Liberia since 1987


Total Church Membership - 8,081
Missions - 1
Congregations - 22
Family History Centers - 2 

Members and nonmembers who were interested in Church teachings met in homes during 1985-1986. Missionary work was opened in 1987 and the first convert was baptized in August. A few days later 47 people were baptized in a lagoon. The New Kru Town and Congo Town branches (small congregations) were organized that day.
The Liberia Monrovia Mission was created March 1, 1988, when missionary couples were working with some 133 members in Congo Town and New Kru Town. By 1990 several newly converted young men served full-time missions, but all missionaries from Liberia were transferred to Freetown, Sierra Leone because of the civil war that started in December 1989. The mission was closed in April 1991.
During that time, about 400 members remained, 400 fled to neighboring countries and another 400 were unaccounted for. When the war began to abate, some of the members returned. While conditions remained unsettled, no missionaries were assigned to Liberia.
Members started regrouping in 1991, however, and by the spring of 1993, seven of the eight branches had been reorganized. With a renewal of hostilities in 1992, Liberian members experienced additional hardships and suffering.
In April 1996, war again broke out, resulting in considerable destruction in the capital city of Monrovia and other parts of the country. Many members again fled the nation. Peace has gradually been restored since that time.
Currently there are two districts in Liberia, the Bushrod Island District and the Monrovia District, with more than 2,000 members in nine congregations.

It is all about baptizing families: 

The three missionaries standing behind the family are from Tonga, England, and South Africa.  They are the Assistants to President Kirkham. (April 2014 Baptism)

It is all about teaching and service:

 (Photos:  Courtesy of President and Sister Kirkham)

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