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Saturday, May 10, 2014

What was "The Freeze" in Ghana?

The Freeze

In 1989 when a military government in Ghana froze the activities of the Church in Ghana for 18 months, Church Pioneer Billy Johnson was not dimmed.  “The freeze was a blessing,” he said.  “At that time, people were so curious about the Church they started asking for pamphlets.  Families became strong as they held sacrament meetings in their own homes.  Father was presiding.  Mother was the Relief Society president.  Daughters were the counselors.

“Because we have the truth, the police were even on our side.  The police cars would come and pick me up and I gave a service for them every Friday morning.”  President Billy Johnson was allowed to give services in prison.  Everyone was longing to hear more about the Church.  They told President Johnson, ‘We want to feel that something is precious.’”

“When we came back together after the freeze,” he said, “we came back in strength.
They thought we would scatter, but we came back in strength.  Teach them correct principles and they will govern themselves.”

President Johnson said that the Church is highly respected in Ghana. “They know that Mormons are upright. They like the way we care for our people.  We visit our people.  We care for every member.  We take care of the needy.  Other churches are trying to practice home teaching and visiting teaching because they like it.
“One of our members took a non-member friend to a place where marriage disputes are settled.  They told her, “Go and see your bishop.  They can do it better. He has the key we don’t have it.”

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