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Friday, October 3, 2014

Elder Isaac Etaing Has Long Journey from Uganda

 President Robison, Elder Etaing (blue eyes), Sister Robison

Today Elder Isaac Gorkey Etaing entered the Ghana MTC.  His journey to the MTC began in February last year when a friend invited him to a family home evening.  His friend was Stephen Nanyira, a member of the Church in Mbale, where he was attending boarding school.  Elder Etaing's home was in Kumi, about 45 km from Mbale and a remote place where there are not yet missionaries.

At the Family Home Evening, the activity following the lesson was volleyball and Elder Etaing met two missionaries, Elder Wanllas from Utah and Elder Anderson from Needles, California.  The missionaries set up an appointment to teach Isaac the following evening.  During that lesson as they were teaching about the prophet Joseph Smith and the first vision, Issac felt that the Church was true.  For two weeks he studied with the missionaries and on February 23, 2013 was baptized.

Issac's friends told him he was crazy and shared all kinds of false information with him about the Church.  They told him he was lost and would be wasting time if he decided to serve a mission.When it came time to serve a mission, his father offered to pay his way through University if he would not go on the mission.  However Issac was resolute, so his father spent the money on buying a store. Now Issac does not know if his parents will take him back after his mission.  (And what about the blue eyes?  His great grandfather was from Sweden.)

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