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Monday, October 6, 2014

Is the Ghana MTC Prepared for Emergencies?

We have been in Tema for 9 months and have run out of water three times.  This is very concerning when you are responsible for 80 people in one residence hall.  The Area Physical Facilities heard our pleas for help and recently installed two emergency water tanks to help the MTC.  They will be transported to the new MTC for emergency preparedness when that building is complete.

Not only is emergency preparedness on our minds, but the Church is also very humanitarian-minded as demonstrated by the aid sent to its members affected by food and water shortages in Sierra Leone and Liberia.
News Release —  3 October 2014

Church Aids Latter-day Saints Affected by Ebola Outbreak

Accra — 
SIERRA LEONE – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, through its humanitarian arm, LDS Charities, sent food and other emergency supplies to more than 1,500 Latter-day Saint families in Sierra Leone during a recent state of emergency – necessitated by the Ebola-virus outbreak, which has claimed the lives of 500 citizens, including two members of the Church.
LDS Charities provided rice, cooking oil, hygiene supplies and chlorine to families in Freetown, Kissy, Lungi, Kossoh Town, Makeni, Bo and Kenema. The supplies arrived during a government-mandated, 19-21-September lock down, during which families were required to stay at home and asked to reflect and pray.
The 60-90-day state of public emergency was declared in August to help the government tackle the outbreak. Despite efforts to contain the virus, it continued to spread, prompting the three-day "stay-at-home" – referred to as “ose to ose Ebola talk” – during which volunteers educated communities and conducted routine checks for possible symptoms.

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