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Sunday, October 12, 2014

How Can You Make An American Missionary Very Happy?

Elder Whitt's grandfather used to be the Area President of the Africa West Area.  Grandpa and grandma briefed Elder Whitt well on what to expect, how do get through customs and how wonderful the African Saints would be.  When Elder Whitt passed through immigration, the officer asked him 3 times if he knew what a mason was?  You see his first name is Mason.  When Elder Whitt finally understood the question after getting by the accent, he answered: "yes, a brick layer."  The immigration officer smiled and said "while you are in Africa you will be laying alot of bricks for Jesus."

Now, how do you make an American missionary studying French in the MTC very happy?  You find someone at General Conference who is going back to Africa and send with him a package of Oreo cookies.  As you can see, the entire district was very happy.

L to R are:  Elders Larson, Miller, Joseph, Hansen, Boateng, Archer, Legerski, and Whitt.

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