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Saturday, October 25, 2014

What does a Missionary Apartment in Ghana Look Like?

Meet Elder Caldwell and Elder Mukendi.  Elder Caldwell is from West Valley in Utah and Elder Mukendi is a French-speaking elder from the DR Congo who learned English in the MTC.

Elder Caldwell sleeps here and is careful to use his mosquito net at night.

Elder Mukendi sleeps here and he too has an effective mosquito net.

The kitchen is of ample size and in a room of its own.

This is the study room where the Elders eat and prepare lessons.

Each missionary apartment has an ample inventory of brochures and Books of Mormon.

In another room, each Elder has his own desk for personal study.  This particular apartment is across the street from the MTC.  It has had missionaries for 8 years and from time to time houses four elders.  It has a bedroom with four beds, a kitchen, two study rooms and two bathrooms.

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