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Friday, December 12, 2014

The MTC is a short 10 minute drive from the ocean

 Ten minutes from the MTC is the main harbor for Ghana.
 Each day fishermen go off shore about 1/2 mile and drop their nets.
 Although they did not need the help, Brother Steinegal and I offered our services.
 For one hour over 40 men pulled in the net to check their haul.
 Once the net surfaced most went down to the shoreline to gather in the fish.
 This man seemed to be the chief among the workers.
 Unfortunately after all that work, the haul seemed very small.
 How disappointed for all those people to wait with baited breath for the fish to surface and not many were in the net this time.
 I would think that the haul averaged about one fish per person.
Brother Appianti is always looking for an object lesson to show how one fish can become many.
But, all in all, most of those who came to haul away the fish, sadly walked away empty-handed.

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