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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

They're Off to Benin!

They have been with us for six weeks.  They now speak French.  Last night they all gave each other haircuts.  Watch for the rule to change soon where they do not need to bring suitcoats.

Tip on Memorizing Fast (for learning a language)

1.  Know the Meaning (learn what the words mean in English)
2.  Focus on the Form (look at how the groups of words go together - all language is made up of the meaning and the words that carry the meaning.  Notice patterns in grammar.  Find out how to pronounce.)
3.  Practice Aloud (Repeat phrases without looking)
4.  Apply It (role play the use of the verse in a pretend setting - say it with feeling)
5.  Plan Spaced Reviews (on the go - standing in line) also in each companionship study

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