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Sunday, July 19, 2015

African Eyes: The Wonders of Nature

Every year the MTC closes for 2 weeks in July.  The MTC President and his wife have a break during that time to experience Africa or another area of their choice at their own expense.  We felt that being this far from Utah, it would be exciting to participate in a Safari and discover another dimension of the beauty of Africa.  A few years after your son or daughter's mission, you might consider adding a trip like this to your bucket list.  They could show you their mission and together you could discover the beauties of South Africa.

Here are some highlight photos:

We first traveled to Cape Town, where we fell in love with this city that reminded us so much of San Diego.  Above is a photo of the famed table top mountain, a whale, and some penguins.  And included is a shot from the Cape of Good Hope - Southwestern most point in Africa.

Each day we would have two game drives, but even at the lodge we saw ample wildlife coming to the water hole.

Our favorite sightings were the babies.  It was fascinating to observe up close how the mothers protect and care for their babies.

Being up close to wild animals is amazing.  The trackers and guides are very wise and know how to keep their clients safe.

We were impressed the agility of the Range Rover vehicles but did get stuck once.

We travelled with some wonderful friends from Provo who met up with us in Cape Town and travelled with us to Kruger Park, Zimbabwee and Johannesburg.  One of them was very adventurous as you can see from his bungee jump.  MISSIONARIES DO NOT DO THIS.  THE ROBISONS DID NOT.  We ended our visit by touring Soweto and Nelson Mendela's home.  As you can see by his quote, it sums up what our quest in this life should be.  And as you will note by the photo of Victoria Falls, the children on the train, and the carvings, there is beauty everywhere.

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