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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Armies of Helaman are enroute!

This photo moment is repeated 60 times over today as missionaries throughout the US and Africa bid farewell to their families and headed for the Ghana MTC.

Here is another  photo of Elder Chandler Johnson at the Denver airport taken today as he is headed our way. We will see him this time tomorrow evening.

Pictured above at  the St. George airport, are Elders Kaden Goodrich  Zach Zohner heading to our Ghana MTC this morning.

And the above photo is of Elder Brandon Peters and Elder Mitch Perry at SLC Airport.

And, I am told by his mother that to recognize Elder Bennion, I am to look for the cute one (they are all cute to their moms) and if that wasn't clear enough for me, to look for the one wearing the pink paisley tie.  But then Sister Burningham said her son would be wearing a pink paisley tie as well. They are trying to confuse us.

And finally....drum roll - here is the Salt Lake City group:  Don't they look great?

We expect all 60 new missionaries to arrive throughout the day tomorrow.  We are so looking forward to welcoming them. 

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