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Monday, July 6, 2015

Anyone You Know Interested in A Humanitarian Trip to Ghana

The February prior to our coming to Ghana, we took a team of eye doctors and their wives, two West Indies Returned Missionaries,  a returned West Indies Senior Missionary Couple, and 2 of our sons and a grandson to Guyana along with 7,500 pairs of eye glasses.  We had served for three years in the West Indies and had recognized a big need for eye care in Guyana.

Since coming to Ghana, we have recognized the same need.  Many of the same group are coming to Ghana the last week in October 2015 and you are invited if you want to do some humanitarian work in Ghana.

Last Friday, the proposed details of the trip were sent out by the trip coordinator, Lynda Pugh:

"Here are a few updates of information I have.   DELTA FLIGHT  10-23-2015  JFK to Accra, 4:42 p.m. Friday  $989 round trip  return home to JFK  MONDAY  NOV 2, 2015  

President  Robison has reserved a room for 3 nights during the project, within the Church complex which is only $26/night.  We will reserve the other nights at the Coconut Grove Hotel which is still near the temple, the chapel we will work out of, and other things we can see in the area.   The Coconut Grove includes breakfast,  a pool,  clean and nice, etc.

I can see how we can do the project setting up and maybe some patients Monday, Tuesday Wed and Thursday.  Friday clean up and be free the afternoon,  maybe the temple.  Saturday will be a free day also.   A possibility is travel 3 hours down to the Gold Coast see the Slave Castles, pet the alligators, canopy walk, other stuff, then home again 3 hours.  This could all be arranged later to find the cost and transportation.    Or if we stay in town on Saturday some things to see are:  shopping areas of their fabric, where they make the beads,  places with nativity scenes, etc.  much to see right in town.

Sunday we could attend church the same building we have been working in.  Monday fly out to New York at 10:15 am."

Here is a slideshow that highlights the Ghana trip.

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