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Saturday, July 25, 2015

How are the missionaries taught about the importance of the Sabbath at the MTC?

When the missionaries enter the MTC, they have two Sunday experiences with us unless they are learning a language, then they have six. They will each prepare a talk and many of them will be called upon after the Sacrament is passed, to give that talk. Each missionary arrives 15 minutes early and has the opportunity to ponder and prepare spiritually for the meeting. No announcements are given at the beginning of Sacrament meeting. We have learned that the fewer things that are done to distract missionaries from their real purpose in coming to the meeting, the greater the likelihood is that they will learn from what they hear, see and feel. Missionaries are taught the language of prayer. Soon they will be teaching investigators how to pray and will model the correct usage of the words thee and thou. They are also reminded prior to the Sabbath day, that when one is invited to offer the prayer, that person does not say "let us pray, before beginning the prayer." This is a practice that many recent converts bring to our Church that lovingly needs to be discontinued. Missionaries are also taught the importance of teaching the doctrine in changing behavior. For example, to teach the importance of wearing a white shirt while administering and passing the sacred emblems of the Sacrament, one possible approach is to teach the importance of the Atonement (the why), the principle of reverence (the what) prior to teaching the importance of wearing a white shirt (the how). This is a great example to all of us about the importance of thinking about the Atonement of Jesus Christ during the passing of the Sacrament. We invite Latter-day Saint missionary families to review within their families the importance of the Sabbath Day and during the time your son or daughter is serving, write to each other feelings about what you are experiencing in Sabbath Day worship.

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