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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Meet Elder and Sister Brown

Forty years ago, the memorized missionary lessons had Mr. and Mrs. Brown as the investigators (that was the name missionaries call them).  Today, the tables are reversed - Elder and Sister Brown are in the Ghana MTC preparing to serve a senior couple MLS (member leadership support) mission in the Ghana Accra Mission.  The Browns come to us from Australia.  They are the parents of seven children and have six grandchildren.  Elder Brown, a life-long member of the Church, was a financial planner, who interrupted his career to serve a mission.  They are young, so he will return to this line of work at the completion of his mission.

A fascinating tidbit about Sister Brown.  Although she was baptized at the age of 8, she did not attend Church for eighteen years.  All it took for reactivating her was one invitation.  This should be motivating to our missionaries as they seek not only to baptize and retain but also to reactivate.

Elder and Sister Brown at the Ghana Temple, August 13, 2014.

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