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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Why Did You Come On A Mission? "Because I Have Faith", She Said.

Sister Robison shared this report from Relief Society today:  "We just finished Relief Society here in the MTC. It's the first of two Sundays with this group of sisters - and I like to help them become unified. I invite them each to share a little bit about themselves.

It turned into a sob fest today. The stories were so touching. Many sisters are the first in the family to serve missions, or the only member. Some have wanted to serve and waited for this moment for years.

One Ghanian sister, Patience Kumedzro, caused us all to pause and think about sacrifice. 

Sister Patience Kumedzro, from Ghana, serving in Nigeria Port Harcourt Mission

She joined the church two years ago and her family is extremely anti. Her sister was a member for a while but decided to stop going because of the family. Sister Kumedzro decided to serve a mission and received her call and assignment. She had to push forward against opposition and discouragement.  

Two days before she was to leave, her family told her she absolutely cannot go on a mission. Her uncle came to the house and told her she would be disowned if she went on a mission - and that she would have to move out of the house.

Sister Kumedzro said her bags were already packed for the mission, but this uncle said she had to take everything out of the house - not even a pin that she touched could be left. So she called a friends and packed everything to leave. Her uncle took a big stick and beat her, told her she was wrong and that the church is evil. But she took her bags and left. She has now been disowned by her family."

When I interviewed Sister Kumedzro the day she arrived,  I asked her why she was serving a mission  She answered that it was because of her faith.   She said "I have found the truth in your Church and the answer to where I am going after this life.  God has healed me.  I am so happy."  

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