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Sunday, August 24, 2014

What is this African Delicacy Called "Grasscutter?"

Our last visitor to the MTC from the US, Donny Dayton, was bold and ate a bite of "grasscutter" while he was in Ghana.

Our visitor from Utah, Heidi Johnson took an unclose look at grass cutters and saw how they are cooked.

As you can tell from the reaction, I do not think Heidi will be tasting a grasscutter.  We will save that for Donny's next visit.
Mothers!  I would suggest you not let your missionary sons eat grasscutter.

What does Wikipedia say about Grasscutters?  
Greater cane rat (Thryonomys swinderianus) is one of two species of cane rats, a small family of African  rodents.[ The cane rat lives by reed-beds and riverbanks in Africa.   Cane rats can grow to nearly 2 ft in length and weigh a little less than 19 lb. It has rounded ears, a short nose, and coarse bristly hair. Its forefeet are smaller than its hind feet, each with three toes.
Cane rats live in small groups led by a single male. They are nocturnal and make nests from grasses or burrow underground. Individuals of the species may live in excess of four years. If frightened, they grunt and run towards water.
However, the peoples of the region  utilize the cane rat as a food source as bushmeat, considering the meat a delicacy. Consequently, grasscutters (as they are often called in Ghana and other regions of West Africa) are beginning to be raised in cages for sale.

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