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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Elder Guidia Overcame Difficult Moments of Despair

Elder Nesmoh Serge Privat Guidia from Ivory Coast lost both of his parents by the time he was 14 years old.  His parents were no longer living together and his mother had found another home and was with a man and his mistress.  The other woman poisoned his mother and she died.  Then three years later his father, with whom he had been living became ill and died.

In recounting his life story, Elder Guida said that he must stress that he did not have a stable upbringing.  In fact, he remembers some very lonely and difficult moments.  One in particular was when he was 14 and realized that he was an orphan and did not have anyone to support him.  So he went to live with his mother's sister (his aunt) and found a trade as a jockey at parties and celebrations.  Although it was not a peaceful  work environment, he never had the desire to drink, inspite of being surrounded by opportunities to do so.  After two years of this line of work, he decided to pursue studies in computer education.

It was about this time that a female cousin came to visit his aunt and being a member of the Church, this cousin invited him to attend Sacrament Meeting.  For the next year, he had off and on exposure to the Church, but during the last week of August 2011, he became serious about finding out if it was true.  Three weeks later, on September 17th, Elder Guidia was baptized a member of the Church.  On Tuesday, he will be endowed and the baptisms and other temple work will be done for his parents.

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