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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Journey of Elder Baah from Nigeria to His Mission

Elder Kwesi Prince Baah, Nigeria Lagos Mission
Elder Baah's father moved from Ghana to Nigeria a few years before he was born on November 22, 1992 he was born in Abia State.  Before coming to the MTC, he had never been to Ghana.  His parents had five children and he is the second oldest.  His heart's desire is to know about his roots in Ghana. When he was 12 he lost his father to HIV.  His mother is now suffering from the same disease.

Elder Baah and his siblings and their mother joined the Church when he was 13 years old.  Because their father had died, they went to live with his mother's family.  However these relatives were not kind and beat not only the kids but his mother often.  In light of this, Elder Baah's older brother moved to Ghana to get in touch with his roots and the family has not seen him.  However, they have spoken with him on the phone.  Elder Baah himself went to live with friends to avoid the beatings.  He is proficient at computer work, so was able to get food to support himself by teaching about computers. He would borrow money to eat and pay for other expenses and then when he was paid, he would repay the money.

Although he knows the Church is true and wants to declare the gospel, he readily admits that serving a mission keeps him away from his relatives who beat him.  At the current time the oldest sister is serving a mission in Calabar, Nigeria.  When it was time to be set apart to go on his mission, Elder Baah's mother was unable to attend because she is too weak to walk.

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