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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sierra Leon Mission President Shares Two Favorite Stories

 Faith & The Sabbath Day

"We were teaching the N's about the Sabbath day and taught how we were not supposed to work or buy food on Sunday. This man and woman looked at each other and I knew why. The family has nothing. The man, John goes and does anything he can to make money everyday. He ends up bringing home 2 or 3 thousand (50-75 cents) a day. If he doesn’t work they don’t eat along with their two children. He looks at me and explains to me that if he makes enough on Saturday to buy for Sunday he will do it. But if he doesn’t after Church they will warm water and drink it and sleep till the next day so they will keep the Sabbath day holy. Then he bore me his testimony how he knew he wouldn’t have to do that because God would provide a way for him."

The Power of the Book of Mormon

"I would like to share one experience with you about a woman named Salimatu. She is the neighbor of a family that we are teaching and her and her daughter usually join us in the lessons. However she is unable to read, so we never gave her a Book of Mormon. She wanted to know if the book was true though so what she would do is go and borrow the book from the family and then pray about it and then put it under her pillow fully believing that she would receive an answer to her prayer as we had told her. She received a vision in which she was walking on a path that was leading her to go and see Jesus Christ. She walked and walked and then started to feel very tired so she decided to sit down, but many different people came to her and told her to continue she continued to walk even though tired found the strength to walk. She said she knows the book is true, but even me it strengthened my own testimony of the Book of Mormon even though she can’t read she understands one very important part. Number one the Book of Mormon will lead us to Christ and it will give us the strength to carry on. I was very inspired about this whole experience and have had a new determination to read the Book of Mormon more and more."

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