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Friday, March 13, 2015

Want To Know What Missionaries in Africa Are Like? Go See the Movie "Freetown"

Six missionaries are portrayed in the movie Freetown

Left to Right Garrett Batty (director), President Robison, Sister Robison, Adam Abel (producer)

Freetown is the next missionary thriller from the makers of the Saratov Approach. The story depicts the desperate journey of Liberian missionaries caught in the middle of a brutal civil war. With their teaching stymied by the conflict, they flee the widespread violence of their native country for a new place where they can continue to proselyte: Freetown, Sierra Leone.

A thrilling story told in beautiful detail, Freetown promises to live up to its hype. After seeing it for the first time, Elder Menti, one of the young men depicted in the film, said, "As I sat in my seat it was just like I was reliving the events, just as vivid as they were."

The movie releases to general audiences in the United States starting April 8th.  It was filmed entirely in Ghana and all of the actors are from Ghana. It is now showing at the Accra Mall in Ghana for the next week.

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