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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sisters Face Serious Challenges To Serve Missions

Sister Charumbira from Zimbabwe and Sister Ekwenye from Nigeria
Sister Regina Ugochi Ekwenye was born in Abia State, Nigeria on August 4, 1995.  She was the second of three children.  When she was five years old, her parents joined the Church, so she was essentially raised LDS.  However, it was not easy for Sister Ekwenye as a child because her father drank and as a result there was much contention in the home.  When she was 12, she entered young women and started learning more about the gospel.  Along with her elder sister, they helped their father understand the importance of obeying the laws of the gospel.  Ever since that time, their family was happy.

And ever since she can remember, Sister Ekwenye has wanted to serve a mission and her father supported her in that desire.  When she received her call to the Nigeria Lagos Mission her father was very happy, but two weeks before she entered the MTC, he had a serious obstruction in his stomach and died.  Friends and relatives counseled Sister Ekwenye to delay the start of her mission until after the funeral.  But as tradition goes in Africa, no date for burial has yet been set.  This can often take several months.  Sister Ekwenye asked her District President to counsel with the mission president in the area where she lives and the recommendation came back to not delay her mission.  Her testimony is that one should be obedient and she felt very good inside about the counsel to keep the current schedule of service.  She is very happy that she can see her father again and is especially grateful that the family is sealed for all time and eternity.

Sister Sarah Charumbira is from Zimbabwe.  Her parents joined the Church in 1996 and the entire family has been very active all of her life.  Although both parents are currently unemployed and her mom has a heart challenge, Sister Carumbira has faith that her family is in the Lord's hands.

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