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Saturday, August 22, 2015

If you have taken your "doxycycline" clap your hands!

During supper our missionaries sing “If you have taken your doxycycline clap your hands.”  But every time the missionaries leave, so does the institutional memory and we need to start all over in teaching the routines.

After we taught the new group of 97 the ditty last evening at supper, a French teacher jumped up and led them so they could sing it French.  After all we have 38 French-speaking missionaries. Soon after that, the Manager of Training, Patrick Appianti, led them in Twi.   Before you knew it, the little ditty was being sung in many dialects, Tonga, Samoan and Malagasy. 

For our 18 missionaries from the US, it was a very eye-opening experience. They had no idea we were that diverse.  It was a great visual reminder.

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