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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

New Class in the MTC?

Jeanine Mack Koetting
 (FaceBook Post in Elders in Ghana)
"Ok! There needs to be a new class taught at EVERY MTC. It's called, answer your mother's questions class. My son that served in Oklahoma, I had to send a separate email with questions spaced out like a worksheet. With my son in Ghana, I sent an email titled, "IMPORTANT questions." I wrote out six questions, worksheet style.. FILL IN THE BLANK for heavens sake. His reply? "OK." I've heard so many other moms complain about this. Why can't our Elders answer questions??" (vent over)

The "venting" about comes from a great FaceBook group called "Elders in Ghana."  That FaceBook group addresses many of the questions parents and missionaries have about serving in Ghana.

Now my turn to vent:

This is counsel that was given by Elder Don R. Clarke, of the Missionary Committee about how to write letters home:  
"the letters you send home are not travel logs! we do not care about what you eat, what you saw, the weather, etc., I want to hear about the scriptures you are studying, the miracles you are witnessing. Your letters home should be your spiritual journals, so that at the end of your mission you can print them off and treasure all of those special moments you wrote about. Engage your family and friends in your personal scripture study, send what you are studying home have your family read and study the same things! Share what you learned. And use your letters as a tool for missionary work among those who read them." 

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