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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sister Mteshi Now Feels Great About Life

African Eyes:  Sister Vivian Salome Mteshi  (center in photo) from Kenya.  She was baptized on five years ago and is the 3rd of 4 children.  From the age of birth until she was 16 her dad drank alcohol and spent all of his money on that habit. As a result the family was always hungry and would go for weeks without seeing him.  To support the family, her mother would have to work.  Sister Mteshi would often be frightened and hated being alone..  However, a year after her parents and the children were baptized, the family went to the temple and were sealed.  For that moment her Dad never drank again and they were all happy.  Life was much better.  then last November, her mother became ill and passed away.  She  says that her mother gave her the inspiration to serve a mission.  Even now in the MTC, she is finding it difficult to get used to 3 meals a day because she has never had that.

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