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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Money Issue - Don't try to get Ghana Currency in the US

Today we receive this note from one of the parents of a missionary flying to the Ghana MTC tomorrow:

"I read in some of the missionary materials that a missionary entering service in Ghana should bring Ghana money with them and not do exchanges of US currency at the airport. Is that correct?

There is no place in Salt Lake City which exchanges to Ghana currency. 

Is that going to be an issue in the Ghana MTC?  Please advise."

This question is frequently asked.  You are correct, the literature does counsel you to bring local currency but this is impossible.  You can not get Ghana currency in the US.  You can however easily exchange US money OR use a debit card to withdraw Ghana currency once you are in Ghana.

The missionary department is correcting the wording about local currency.  However, while at the MTC, there is no need for currency.  It is only in case of a problem with a missed flight or a charge for excess luggage that money would be needed.  In these cases, US money will work.

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