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Friday, November 20, 2015

Meet Elder Jasime Damini Ojo

Jasime Damini Ojo was born 25 years ago on September 22, 1989 in Ogiba, Nigeria.  His father Itatula Ojo, was an armoured truck(bullon) driver for a bank and when Jasime was 2 years old, Itatula was killed along with two other guards in the truck during an armed robbery.  The bandits were never found nor was the stolen money.

Jasime's mother Doris, did not want to remarry until he was older for fear that a new husband might not treat him well.  She did later remarry and had two daughters.  The new husband treated Jasime fine.  Life was difficult for Doris, but she was deeply religious and always wanted Jasmine to go to a Church.  She tried a few different ones, never quite agreeing with their doctrines. 

Finally when Ojo was 18 he stopped going to Church.  However among the relatives of Doris' new husband was a family that impressed Jasime.  He wanted to have the joy in life they seemed to have.  He concluded that it was their Church.  Every Sunday morning, they would get up very early and drive an hour away to an LDS Church.  So when he was 22 he surprised them.  He woke up early, showered, and appeared at their door ready to go with them.  Each family member looked stunned at one another trying to figure out who had invited Jasime.

When they arrived at Church, Jasime was overwhelmed by a strong feeling that he had.  He knew right then he wanted to be baptized.  However, he refused to go to the investigator class because he was afraid he would miss something important his hosts were learning.  The next week he again returned and met the missionaries.  Three weeks later he was baptised and confirmed (September 18, 2011). 

The Church is still far from his home for his mother and now two sisters.  Many people throw anti-Mormon accusations at his mom, but she pays them no heed, saying she trusts her son.  Jasime is now Elder Jasime Ojo, called to serve in the Nigeria Calabar Mission.  His knowledge and maturity about the restored gospel is amazing and he knows that upon the conclusion of his mission he has three golden investigators waiting for him at home - his mother and two younger sisters.

Again, we are touched by the love and devotion of the missionaries called to serve in Africa.  We are humbled by their goodness and love of the Lord.  Elder Ojo is a fine example of what we love about these missionaries.

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