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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Meet Elder Uche Kalu - Called to Serve in the Nigeria Benin City Mission

Elder Kalu
And you think you have had trials...  Elder Uche Kalu was born June 12, 1997 in Delta State Warry, Nigeria.  During delivery, his mother died.  He was the youngest of six children.  Not being able to care for his six children, his father sent him to live with his Uncle and Aunt (mother's brother) and their 9 children and many grandchildren.  His other Aunt (mother's sister) cared for his older siblings and provided financing for his care.  They lived two hours apart, so he did not see them often.

His Uncle was very mean to him.  Young Uche was expected to babysit for the grandchildren and was present when four of them died.  The uncle told him that he wished Uche had died and wanted to kill him.  When Uche was 8 years old his father passed away and when he was 12, he went to live with his older sister, who by then was married and had four children.

She too was not nice to him and expected him to do all the babysitting of her children.  Fortunately because she was a member, he learned about the Church and was baptized.  From the age of 12 to 18 his passion was football (soccer).  However his sister would often try to prevent him from playing and cut both arms seriously with a razor blade.  He was treated for those wounds at school, not at home.

When it came time to serve his mission, he had to rely on his Aunt to handle the passport, visa applications and other paperwork because his sister would have destroyed them.  He is so happy to serve his mission and said that through his youth, he relied upon Heavenly Father as his helper.

Of all the people from his youth, he only felt love from his Aunt with whom he never lived.  His philosophy in life is "don't use bad to pay bad, but use good to pay bad."  In other words, if people treat you unkindly, treat them with love.

His uncle who wished he would die passed away last August.  Elder Kalu only feels love for him and is looking forward to the day to do his temple work.  This is a great Elder and rather than being filled with regret or bitterness, is full of love.

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