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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Meet our Paris, France Missionary

It is no secret that I love Paris and the Parisiens.  I served my first mission there 45 years ago.  In this group we have a wonderful young man named Elder Yann Ndong-Obame, from Versailles, a suburb of Paris.  He knows many of the same people I know from Paris.

Meet Elder Ndong-Obame.  He was born in Nantes, France on August 18, 1996.  His mother was baptized when he was four in Rennes.  I served in Rennes for 6 months in 1970.  His parents divorced at the time of his birth, so he has only met his father once.  His mother raised him along for 5 years and then remarried.  She and her husband, Brother Valenten moved to La Celle, St. Cloud in the village just next to the new Paris Temple.  Elder Ndong-Obame was raised in the Church, has always been active and will be serving on Reunion Island in the Madagascar Mission.

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