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Sunday, November 22, 2015

President and Sister Graham Speak At Special Devotional

What a wonderful treat for the Ghana MTC to welcome back President and Sister Graham.  The Grahams are currently the new temple president and matron of the Ghana Accra Temple.  From 2012-2014, they were at the Ghana MTC as President and wife.

Today they spoke to the 87 missionaries of the November 12th group about Moses 1 and helped the missionaries discover their purpose and how Moses learned who God is, learned who he (Moses) was, and how the Lord gives His children experiences in order to become like Him.

Moses not only discovered that He was a Son of God, but also how to see through Satan's temptations.

The missionaries had a delightful, revelatory experience and it was fun for us, the Robisons to be with our good friends, the Grahams.
Seated from left to right:  Malmroses, Grahams, Robisons, Obengs and Acquayes. Standing are missionaries who depart for the mission field November 24th.  A choice group of disciples.

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