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Friday, June 12, 2015

Making Connections at the Ghana MTC

Prior to our arriving in Ghana, we met Reeve, Ceci, and Lolly, three professional lady golfers from Zimbabwe.  They have prepared over 200 missionaries to come on missions.  From time to time we have posted photos of "their" missionaries.  They help with the paperwork, the medical needs, the applications, and the clothing needed.  Their missionaries are the best prepared from Africa that we receive.  Here is a photo of two more who arrived yesterday:

Elder Chimbiriwiri, Sister Robison, and Sister Sande

And we are constantly making connections with missionaries who are close to the senior couples and missionaries who served with us in the West Indies.  Elder Plumb is a good friend of Elder and Sister Coleman, from the Queen Creek, Arizona area.

Elder Plumb

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