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Monday, June 22, 2015

The First MTC was the School of the Prophets - linking to Ghana MTC

Here is the dedicatory prayer of the Ghana MTC as a matter of historical record:

Dedicatory Prayer – Ghana MTC – Tema, Ghana
May 17, 2002 – by Elder H. Bruce Stucki, Africa West Area President
Our Dear Father in Heaven, we bow our heads before Thee this day, on this special occasion, as we present this Ghana Missionary Training Center unto thee for Thy purposes.
We ask for Thy Spirit to be with us as we share this occasion together, that we might be united in prayer and purposed with each other, that we might be one in heart, mind and spirit with Thee.
The member of Thy Church have willingly given of their skills, time, talents, money, love, support, and commitment to build this beautiful Missionary Training Center.  They have done so to be able to help in preparing Thy Missionaries to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all lands and peoples of the World.
We love Thee, Dear Father in Heaven, and we gladly give of that which we have for Thy work here on earth as we strive to improve ourselves and become worthy to return unto Thee.
It is with joy in our hearts, that we present this special building unto Thee for Thy use in teaching Thy Word to the missionaries, and instilling within them a strong and enduring Testimony.
We ask Thee to bless this beautiful building that it may stand firm and sound against the storms and elements that might act adversely against it.
Bless the land upon which it is built, that it might support this structure and provide a solid base for the foundation upon which it stands.
Bless the foundation, the walls, the floors, the roof, and all associated equipment that each might faithfully perform the function for which they are designed and that they may be sound and secure for many long years of service.
Let Thy Spirit always be felt within these walls guiding, protecting and comforting the missionaries and their teachers and leaders against the evil influences prevalent in the world around us.
Bless this Chapel, that Thy word may be taught here, and hearts warmed by Thy Spirit as we renew our covenants with Thee.  Let brotherhood, compassion and love always be felt and experienced by the missionaries as they study and learn here.
Bless all who teach in this training center that Thy Word and the Doctrines of Thy Church will be properly taught and correctly understood by the missionaries and that faith and righteousness will be strengthened within them.
We ask Thee to be with and bless the Mission President and his wife as they serve Thee.  Inspire and strengthen them as they lead the missionaries in their training and preparation to serve.  Please provide for them good health, protection from harm or evil influences, and with all other blessings they may need in their calling as President and Wife.  Bless their families and sustain them in the absence of their parents.
Let righteous and caring teachers and staff always work in harmony and under the direction of the Holy Spirit to prepare and strengthen the missionaries in their special calling to serve.  Please bless and sustain them in their callings and individual needs.
Bless the missionaries that they will come in humility and with a sincere desire to learn of Thee.  Bless them with a desire to study, learn, and live Thy Word; to be obedient, to have a love for the people they will teach, to follow the example of Jesus Christ and to teach His Gospel.  Bless them with good health and with knowledge and a desire to properly care for themselves and for each other.
Instill within the missionaries a love for their companions and a desire to be the best missionary they can be!  Bless them that they will serve an honorable and complete mission and return to their homes with joy in their hearts for having served Thee well.
Let their missions be preparation for the callings to leadership and ministry in Thy Church and Kingdom that Thou hast foreordained them to receive.  Let Thy Spirit always be with them, and protect and guide them in their faithful and righteous service.
May wholesome, righteous, spiritual teachings, events, and occasions occur within this building, which will strengthen the testimony and commitment of the missionaries and cause them to become hard working, faithful servants as they do Thy work.
May the instructional materials provided within these walls be a source of inspiration to the missionaries, and may they be used often and continuously in the teaching of Thy Gospel.
Bless this building that it may ring with beautiful sounds of music that will comfort, inspire and lift the missionaries and give them the courage and strength to continue on in the face of trials and discouragement.
Truly we love Thee, Dear Father in Heaven, and we dedicate this Building unto Thee with joy in our hearts.  We ask thee to consecrate it for Thy purposes, and pray that no evil influence can ever come within its walls.
For Thy use and purposes we dedicate this building unto Thee, and we do it by the power of the Holy Melchizedek Priesthood, which I hold, and under the direction o0f our Prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley, and in the name of our beloved Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen

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