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Thursday, June 11, 2015

What is it like at the airport in Ghana?

In a word - terrible.  It is chaotic.  You are constantly bombarded with people insisting that they help you, but only for outrageous charges.  The travel instructions clearly state that you are to refuse all offers to help.  If you do accept them, the person, often who looks official and is wearing a badge, will ask you for $20 or $40 US. just for handling your suitcase.  Please do not accept any such offers.The driver from the MTC will be at the airport holding a white sign with blue letters that says MTC and he will help you .

This is what baggage claim looks like.  This is where you are first approached by official looking people to carry your luggage

This is the arrival area where the person picking you up must stand.  They are not allowed in the building

This is the street you cross to get to the parking area

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