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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Work of Salvation - 1568 baptisms in temple by MTC Missionaries this year!

During the first three days of a missionaries experience in the Ghana MTC, family history work is performed.  Each brings with them their four generation pedigree charts  and begins completing the booklet "My Family."


Here is a glance at how the numbers add up:

                                                                                      2014       .%              2015 YTD       .%
Number of Missionaries                                               1372                              579             
Number of Unendowed Missionaries                             742      .54                   362             .62
Number of Baptisms for Dead/Endowments                3254                            1568
Number of Sealings                                                      1108                              509
Number of Missionaries Submitting Names                   485      .35                   248             .42

This work is possible in large part to the great effort of Elder and Sister Watson, our Area Family History couple.  They have input everyone of these names into the computer system that generates the temple cards.  Their mission is now complete as they return to Virgina next week.  The Watsons will be missed.

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